Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial Agreements are agreements between married persons who are in an intact, ongoing marriage and who wish to rearrange or reorder their financial relationship. As with premarital agreements, mediation is an ideal format for negotiating postnuptial agreements. Mediation permits married persons to address and resolve together, in an affirmative and constructive setting, their future financial goals. Mediating postnuptial agreements strengthens the spouses’ communications skills and solidifies the marital relationship. Again as with premarital agreements, mediating postnuptial agreements avoids the potentially polarizing effects of the traditional adversarial process. Working out postnuptial agreements using the collaborative practice model offers similar advantages to mediation.

Tobriner Mediation offers mediation and collaborative representation for negotiating postnuptial agreements, with the same processes and fee structure described elsewhere in this Website.