Low-Cost Family Law Mediation Services

Tobriner Mediation is a low-cost family law mediation and collaborative practice service provided by Family Law Attorney and Mediator Michael C. Tobriner. The purpose of Tobriner Mediation is to make high-quality professional mediation and collaboration assistance accessible to clients on a financially affordable basis. Tobriner Mediation offers mediation and collaboration for all types of family law matters, including divorce, separation, premarital agreements, post-nuptial agreements, parenting issues, and cohabitation disputes. Tobriner Mediation is designed to serve both clients with limited means and those with substantial resources. Tobriner Mediation is available to unrepresented parties and to parties represented by counsel.

Personal Statement of Michael Tobriner

I have created Tobriner Mediation in order to make my mediation services available on a financially affordable basis. I operate Tobriner Mediation in a not-for-profit structure. In order to pay overhead and operating expenses, I do charge fees. (Please refer to the Fee Structure Page.) I have chosen to function professionally in this manner because I enjoy serving as a Mediator and because I wish to make this service available to parties who want to take advantage of it.

I maintain my office in my residence in San Francisco. I meet with clients at a business center known as Premier Workspaces, which provides modern, comfortable conference rooms in a downtown San Francisco location. On occasion, I can arrange to meet with clients at locations in Marin and San Mateo Counties.